RAC Resources

For the 2019-2020 school year the Vermont Agency of Education funded the creation of two cohorts to support schools and districts to learn and grow together throughout the year with a team of consultants, coaches and fellow educators. This pages is for those teams to access resources and agendas related to their work. If you are not part of a cohort, please feel free to explore!

Write to us at info@vtrac.org if something is missing from these resources or you are looking for a particular tool or resource.


November 18th Slides

Post-Election Circle Script Slides

November 4th Slides

October 29th Slides

P.A.I.R. Up Packet

September 30th Slides

Circle Guide: What is Normal?

Circle Guide: Brave Spaces

Action Plan Template

Plan, Do, Study, Act Action Plan Template

Cohort 1 Resource Folder

Cohort 2 Resource Folder

Understanding the ‘Why‘”: Here is a short article to help folks strengthen their restorative “elevator” pitch!