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The​ Restorative Approaches (RA) Collaborative​ is comprised of Vermont trainers, researchers, Community Justice Center (CJC) staff, and school educators and leaders. Membership in this collaborative is based on a deep commitment to the development of the restorative approach in Vermont schools, not on any specific criteria related to experience as a restorative approach trainer in schools.

Some members have worked in a wide range of schools throughout Vermont and beyond while others bring expertise from restorative justice work to their community justice centers. Many have experience in both community and school-level restorative justice work.

Therefore it is important each school does its own research before contacting a collaborative member. You can start that work by searching this directory and reading the profiles.

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Jon Kidde

Principal Consultant; Green Omega, L3C
Work Vergennes Vermont


Jon Kidde has been exploring the concepts of restorative justice (RJ) for over 20 years and has played a critical role in the conceptualization, application, and enhancement of restorative justice within different contexts—education, justice, and organizations in several states. Jon is currently an independent consultant focused on supporting schools in implementing a whole-school restorative approach. He has designed and facilitated professional learning—from 2 hours workshops to graduate-level courses. Jon is a State-Approved VTPBIS coach working to integrate Restorative principles and practices into the Universal and Targeted training and coaching. As a Certified Dialogue Education Teacher, Jon employs adult learning principles throughout his work. Jon has several pieces of relevant written work in print: • Needs and Readiness Assessments for Implementing School-wide Restorative Practices (2019). Improving Schools. Sage publications • Whole-School Restorative Approach Resource Guide (2018). Vermont Agency of Education. • Restorative Justice: A Working Guide for Our Schools (2011). Oakland, CA: Alameda County Health Care Services Agency. • Balanced and Restorative Justice: An Informational Manual for California (2006). San Francisco: Judicial Council of California/AOC.