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The​ Restorative Approaches (RA) Collaborative​ is comprised of ​35+​ Vermont trainers, researchers, Community Justice Center (CJC) staff, and school educators and leaders. Membership in this collaborative is based on a deep commitment to the development of the restorative approach in Vermont schools, not on any specific criteria related to experience as a restorative approach trainer in schools.

Some members have worked in a wide range of schools throughout Vermont and beyond while others bring expertise from restorative justice work in their community justice centers. Many have experience in both the community and school level restorative justice work.

Therefore it is important each school does their own research before contacting a collaborative member. You can start that work by searching this directory and reading the full profiles. If you have any questions please contact

Amie Conger

Program Director UP for Learning
Cell Phone: 802-552-8140 Website: UP for Learning


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Amie Conger is a Program Director at UP for Learning. Her career experiences include being a middle school teacher and administrator, an adjunct professor at St. Michael’s College, and an Events Manager.  As a teacher, she worked diligently to create multi-faceted learning opportunities with students that were relevant, rigorous, and engaging. As an administrator, Amie led with the belief that a positive and safe school community was fundamental to the learning and growth of students and staff. With this in mind, she brought restorative practices to her middle school and grew the program in an organic way alongside talented and dedicated staff.  She holds a certificate in Executive Coaching and is in the process of obtaining a certificate in Instructional Coaching.